Hey Depression!

Hey Depression;

Get out of my house! I didn’t invite you! I never wanted you here. Unfamiliar and unwelcome you were the stranger who approached me slowly and silently. I was unsuspecting of your movements as you gently strode past by me and came inside.

With curving lips you quickly and confidently laid claim to that of which was mine. First small things you thought I wouldn’t miss. An hour of happy, a little focus, a day of excercise. In your greed you started taking more. I know you took my sleep. Where is my sleep? I need it. And give me back my laugh, it isn’t yours to take. My confidence, my calm, my mind. I know what you’re doing. I’ve heard all about you, this is what you do.

I know you think your going to get my joy. You’ve taken enough. You think that I will just cry silently in defeat. You’re wrong. You don’t stand a chance. See I fight back, and I’m not letting you get away so easily. Consider this your warning. Your eviction notice. Because I will stop you. And I am taking back all what is mine.

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