A few weeks back we had a lighting show. It was beautiful non stop lighting against a black sky. It was magnificent. For my child though, it was a bit frightening. I took her to the kitchen window to watch it. Her face dropped, her eyes widened, and she said “Mom I’m scared. What if the house burns down??”

I asked her “who controls the sky?”

“God does”

“Who created the sky? Who created the lighting?”

“God did”

“Do you trust him??”

Now she loosens up. “Yes. I do.”

“If he controls the lightening and the sky, if he controls everything he created, trust him. The sky is not more powerful than your God who loves you. He won’t let it hurt you.”

She was fine then. The part she is too young to hear is that even if He allows the lighting to strike, even if we burn, I still trust Him. Because The Word says that nothing can snatch us from His hand and even death cannot separate us from Him. So we don’t need to be afraid.

Tonight as I see lightening I will remind my self of who controls the sky. The lighting is not more powerful than my God who loves me. I trust Him.

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