The Driver

It’s been a very long time since I have been a back seat pasanger but yesterday i needed a ride to pick up my car and Onesa thought it would be fun for both of us to sit in back. “Okay why not” I told her and got in back as my driver got behind the wheel. I sat down ready to relax and started sifting through my purse and getting my papers together when we pulled away from the curb. “Wooooaahh! You drive this car way faster than I drove it!” I told him. He laughed and explained that really he was only going 25 mph but it seemed much faster to me, being in back.

Well that was that, he said he was only going 25, I didn’t feel the need to question him, and so I continued to sift and sort and just altogether stop paying attention to the ride.

At some point though, as my head was still down, I became hyper aware of the exact situation. I realized I was not in any way thinking about the drive or destination. Because I knew the driver. And I trusted him. Although I felt every bump and turn and stop and go I knew he was not being reckless and I knew he was taking us exactly where he said he was, safely and timely.I can’t tell you at what point I connected the dots. I was rolling it over in my mind all morning.

Sure enough on this road of life, today, I came across a bump, and I had to remind my self that I know my driver. He tells me to trust Him. If I can put my trust in a human being, I can certainly put my trust in an all loving and all powerful God.

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