Untill My Final Amen

Funny how the world has told me how much I don’t need a God

Putting my faith in humanity is what gets the real applaud

I find it kind of odd

This has got to be a fraud

How can the world try and sell me life

when the life it sells is so apparently flawed


What can they do for me that you haven’t already done

Who would give them selves unselfishly

Who would give up their Son

and who has spilled their blood for me

so my sin could be none


“The more you read the Bible, you’ll see its just a lie”

Then why is it the more I read the more that I have life

Could it be because life is in Christ

How is it that I can see beyond the vision of my eyes

Is it such a surprise

the giver of life would rather rescue us

than to see us lead our own demise


In you I have peace, in you I am free

Unworthy of redemption and still you fought for me

while I was living for the enemy, a life of apathy

Of course you’re my King

Of course now I sing

My saving grace, my breath of life

You are my everything


My life was yours from the beginning

It was never my own

You knew when you created me

I’d live to serve the throne

The world can have its lies back

I know all you have in store

I know you’re reaching out for me

as I walk through this open door


I’ve said it before and I’ll remind myself again

I know who I am now, I will no longer pretend

This is where my life begins and the hypocrisy ends

All because you told me once you longed to be my friend

Take me as I am

This is us till the end

I volunteer freely

Until my final Amen



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