Years back, I experienced an incredible story through a dream.  In it, I was not human, but a wild horse.  I remember vividly, It was a sunny day and I was standing in a clearing with a herd of other horses.  As far as I could see there was wild green grass.  The grass extended until it met the soft blue of the sky.  The sun was high and illuminating every color to perfection.

The herd began moving forward into the clearing at a slow trot and soon our speed picked up into a full gallop.  Eventually the herd and I were running at a speed I have never before experienced.  I actually felt the wind “woosh” past my face.  I remember my heart pounding just as fast as our legs carried us, and my excitement turning into complete elation.  I remember most thinking, “So this is freedom! I am Free!”

And so I ran and I ran, I ran for what seemed like forever.  After this long while the running slowed and the scene changed.  An entire story complete with love, excitement, and yes, even some sorrow played out in front of me as I experienced it and it left me breathless.  I awoke In slight disappointment at leaving the world from which I had just come.  I remember it well because it was so real it seemed more like a memory rather than a dream.  That feeling I had as I was running through the field was like being in love multiplied by ten.  I still dreamt about that feeling but only in my daydreams, chasing something I had never known existed.

I don’t chase anymore but I still live for that feeling.  It now finds me daily, usually in the quietest times of my day.  It isn’t definable or containable, and is always with me really.  But like human nature would have it, there are times when I haven’t got the sense to remember in the moment the incredible beauty of what I no longer have to search for.  And like my dream, I know I am experiencing an amazing story, my story, currently unfolding.  It gives me such excitement.  I am not the author.  You see, I could never write so beautifully and perfect and complete.  But I know one who does, and as long as He has written my story I know it can be nothing short of a masterpiece.

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